• Roadside Assistance

  • Emergency roadside assistance is often covered under independent carrier plans or automobile insurance policies. Let us worry about the details. We take great pride in assisting you with the paperwork, filing the claims, and handling the other pertinent industry matters to make our customer’s experience as painless and convenient as possible.

    Sometimes a vehicle is simply out of commission, no matter what our seasoned professionals do to try to bring it back to life. When this happens, our tow truck service comes in handy. Our experts can attach the vehicle to our well-maintained tow truck and bring the car back to our shop. Talk with us for more information!

    Information We Need

    There are certain things we need when dispatching roadside assistance calls. We will ask for your name, roadside assistance provider and account number, vehicle location, and a description of the problem. Please don’t expect the cheapest roadside assistance from a Shady Character with old rusty chains.  We are professionals! So turn roadside assistance in the Harrison NY area into a prompt and efficient matter by contacting Intercontinental Towing Harrison. Do it sooner rather than later!

    For one reason or the other your car may break down while you are travelling. Either going for a long distance or just your normal routine, you will definitely need roadside assistance to get your car to a mechanic. Bronx tow Truck Company is your reliable partner in providing Bronx tow truck services.

    Nobody can ever predict an eventuality of a car breakdown. As a driver, you will always be driving thinking that your car is in good condition just to see black smoke coming out from your hood. While going out to look at the problem, you find that is oil leakage and you cannot proceed with your journey. At such a time, all you need is a professional mechanic to check your car. Sometimes the mechanic might be a bit far and thus you have to get your car to the mechanic. That is where our unique towing services will be needed.

    We Provide Roadside Assistance

    Here below are some of the roadside assist services that we provide which may get you out of your stranded situation on the road.

    • Towing Service

    Of course, the first thing that you need is to tow your car to a mechanic for repair. Even the best roadside assistance companies like us cannot fix everything on the scene. So we offer roadside assistance towing that will get your car to the nearest skilled mechanic.

    We tow your car to the mechanic of your choice. But if you do not have your preferred mechanic close by, or do not know who to trust, then just ask.  We know everyone – so of course we can get it to the best skilled mechanic in the area.

    • Quality Service

    The level of service that we provide cannot be compared by any other towing company in Bronx. We treat your vehicle with a lot of respect and thus you have no reason for not choosing us. If you run completely out of gas, we offer emergency fuel delivery so you can confidently make it to the nearest gas station.  If you lock yourself out of the car, call our auto roadside assistance for expert lockout service.

    Apart from the quality citywide towing services we provide in Bronx, there are many other benefits that you get from choosing our road service. The benefits include:

    • 24 Hour Towing

    We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week just to ensure that all your emergency roadside assitance needs are cared for. We offer 24 hr towing in Harrison NY. This means that we will be there for any 24 hour roadside assistance at any time. Day or night.

    • Quick Response

    We respond promptly to your car roadside assistance needs in our citywide towing in Bronx NY. Our technicians can quickly fix a flat tire or jump start a dead car battery. We will save your time by reacting quickly to remedy the situation.

    • Handle any Size of Job

    We have competent staff members who can handle any size roadside service job. If you have a motorbike we offer motorcycle roadside assistance. Or a huge truck stuck on the road, we will comfortably handle the road assistance towing job. Our modern machinery is capable of handling any size of job.

    Just a simple call to our 24 hr roadside assistance number could get you out of the stranded situation you are in. Therefore, you should call us for any roadside assistance in Harrison NY.