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  • Calling A Tow Truck Is Safer Than Attempting A Roadside Repair

    A smart driver will often check his car before setting off for a ride, regardless of the distance to be traveled. The problem is even if you make sure that every nook and cranny of your vehicle is in its top shape, road emergencies can always steal the show. Whether you’re stuck in a pot hole or your engine starts to emit smoke and smell funny, you basically have two options – panic or keep your cool. Since you’ll definitely want to stay calm, the next choice you have to make is if you’ll fix things up yourself or call a tow truck company for professional help instead.

    Tow truck Service or Self-help: Which is Safer?

    To help you assess both options, here are a few considerations to weigh whether a self repair or towing truck is safer:

    • Knowledge and expertise

    You may have basic information on how to deal with road side emergencies, but the question is – Is it enough? From identifying the actual problem to dealing with it effectively, in depth knowledge about roadside problems are needed. So don’t just call any old cheap tow truck hire. When you call our tow truck service in Harrison NY, we’ll send professional and well-trained mechanics to help you out. Having a towing expert with you is a much safer option. Simply guessing what’s wrong with your car and experimenting on methods to repair it is not a good idea.

    • Time

    Suppose that you encountered a roadside emergency anywhere near Harrison NY or Rye NY. If the sun is already down, being alone on the streets while attempting repair can be very dangerous. Even if it happened during broad daylight, are you sure you want to entrust your car to a random stranger who offered you help? Or risk getting hit by a passing car that cannot see you? A smarter option is to seek expert assistance from Intercontinental Towing Harrison. Our 24 hr tow truck in Harrison NY can take charge of your emergency needs with our competent staff and fast and reliable equipment.

    • Location

    Whether you had issues with your car while driving in the busier streets of Harrison NY or in the more residential areas of Rye NY, you can still encounter problems with attempting to perform repairs on your own. In the first situation, you are to face the challenge of safely getting your car off the road while dodging the flow of traffic or seeking the patience of agitated drivers.

    In addition, seeking expert help from anyone nearby might be difficult. You need tow truck assistance. Worry not, Intercontinental Towing Harrison and its large tow trucks can reach you anywhere in Mamaroneck, Rye, or Harrison NY. And our roll back tow truck fees are very affordable. So call tow truck car rescue hotline, tell us your location and specific needs. Then we’ll be there in a jiffy.

    Roadside Emergency Safety Tips:

    Now that you’ve determined the safer option, here are a few more safety tips you may use as a guide while waiting for our flatbed tow truck or wheel lift tow truck to arrive:

    • Get off the road – the first thing you should do during any road emergency is to get out of the flow of traffic.
    • Make yourself visible – this is to help our towtruck mechanics find you easier. You can mark where you are with triangles or flares. At the very least, turn on your hazard light “blinkers”.
    • Stay near your car – to avoid any further problems (ie. a sly thief making his way in), keep close with your vehicle. Worry not, the tow truck wheel lift will get to you as fast as they could.

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