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  • Who to Call for Affordable Towing in Harrison NY

    Have you ever been driving down the Hutchinson River Parkway and all of a sudden you blew out a tire? As anyone knows, traffic on “The Hutch” can be very quick and dangerous and being stranded right there is a real safety issue. That’s when it helps to have a reliable auto towing number on speed dial.  Because when this happens it doesn’t matter whether it is daytime or nighttime, all you want is someone to come help you.

    The great news is there is a city towing and recovery service that will come out and help you. Intercontinental Towing Harrison is an elite automotive towing co that will come to save the day. Now the best thing is our mechanics are very reliable and our tow drivers are very skilled tow truck drivers and can handle Boston Post Road, Playland Parkway, Hutchinson River Parkway as well as I95 and I287.

    Our automobile towing in Harrison NY is a AAA towing service and we are considered experts at what we do. Now sometimes when a person is broken down one of the key elements is that they could be in a spot that may not be the best environment.  Or even a safe spot to be in. All you want to know is that you have the best towing trucks on the way.  Also that we are going to get to you quickly.

    Reliability and Affordability

    Now to go along with this concern a lot of people want cheap towing or discount towing.  It is very true that you get what you pay for.  So instead of “cheap” we believe that most motorists simply want to know that the cost of the emergency towing is going to be something that they can handle.  And the truth of the matter is that when you need towing, we are a very affordable towing service.

    We do more that emergencies.  Sometimes you need a tow away for other reasons.  We offer fast towing options for long distance towing to out of town, or out of state towing to CT or NJ or interstate towing beyond.  This is common for our customers who have a preferred car dealer or auto repair shop. Also when you move to another residence consider us for motorcycle towing while you operate your car or moving truck.  Our quality towing assistance can even provide RV towing if you require.

    So what can you the customer expect if you call for one of our towing vehicles?  Well the first thing to know is that our towing services can handle any job that you may have. You will also be glad to know that our technicians are very courteous and helpful. They have the expertise to determine whether your vehicle is appropriate for flatbed towing or wheel lift.  However the most important thing to you is that you and your car are safe in our hands.

    Our auto towing is second to none and whether you need local towing or something much more extensive we are extremely easy to contact. Feel free to call us and get a free quote. Then let us provide the quality towing 24hr service you need when you need it the most.

    We recommend to all of our customers that they should save our phone number of their cell phone.  This is a smart move, because if something unexpected happens you may need our tow assistance.  Then all you have to do is pull up our phone number from your mobile directory and give us a ring.


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